R.I.P. Nickolas Ashford

The last time I saw the legends together they came out to my show at the Blue Note to see me perform jazz with the Count Basie Orchestra. Later that week, I hung out at the Sugar Bar with my friends Lorenzo Johnson(producer/songwriter/keyboardist), Gordon Chambers (songwriter/artist) and Jim Bessman (journalist/writer for Billboard). Jim and Gordon had introduced me to Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson months before they came out to my show. I was so happy to see them in the audience at the Blue Note. They enjoyed all styles of music and really supported new artists in the industry. It was such an honor knowing they supported me.I was hoping to write with them on my Turn Me Loose album but things were crazy with my schedule.  I had the honor of performing at the Sugar Bar with Ms.Val on the piano and vocals.  I stopped singing at one point because I was listening to her.  That was an incredible moment for me.  

I sat and talked with Mr. Nick Ashford about music and songwriting and he really sees you when he’s talking to you. He and Ms. Val really understands the heart of a musician and what artists go through. That is why it is so great when you come  to New York you always stop by the Sugar Bar . There’s always artists hanging out with legends at the Sugar Bar. 

Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson taught us how to love and sustain love.  Their bond lifted the world through their songwriting and their artistry.  It’s hard to believe that one half of the Ashford and Simpson Legacy, Nick Ashford is no longer physically with us.  Truthfully, I am so sad by this.  They have always supported my career and always put a spotlight on new artist and songwriters.  My prayers go out to Ms.Valerie and their beautiful family.  Their love lives on through their music.  Thank you for sharing that love with the rest of the world.  


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