The Tonight Show



I have been on the Tonight Show four times. First with Prince, second with Sergio Mendes and sitting in with The Tonight Show Band. Finally, on Thursday, January 12th, I had the opportunity to sing my own song. Each time has been amazing!  

I remember opening for Jay Leno for a corporate event. This was before he became the face of The Tonight Show. He was incredibly nice to me then and he is still a gentleman every time I see him. Whether I was in the background or in the front, he has never forgotten me. That small acknowledgment means a lot to an aspiring artist.  

I also love that the person who books the talent for The Tonight Show is a beautiful, talented strong-willed woman, who is very selective about who appears on the show. She says very little and when she spoke to me before my taping, I wanted to hug her. But I tried to remain calm,even though I’m a fan of her work. I observe her every time I visit the show. She’s brilliant and I respect her a great deal. If she chooses you to be on the show, there must be something about you she likes, lol!  

Finally,  singing MY song, supported by Rickey Minor and The Tonight Show Band, brought me so much Joy! I am forever grateful for the lesson of patience by having Mr. Prince, Mr. Mendes and Mr. Rickey Minor pave the wave for my solo moment.  

Check out my performance with Prince and my first time singing one of my songs “Bravo” on The Tonight Show!  



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